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At KSI we cater to our Advisors & Representatives by providing them with the personal service they need in order to accomplish the specialized services which they offer. Some of the personal services which you can expect to receive include:

Access to Our Senior Management

As a KSI Advisor or Representative, you will have the ability to pickup the phone at any time and speak directly with senior management. By taking a personal interest in each of our Advisors and building a long-term relationship at the top management level, we set the tone for service by all KSI employees ensuring that your all our Advisors needs are met in a timely, efficient manner. The result is that our representatives have a meaningful voice in setting company policy.

Operational Support

One of the main reasons why we have been so successful is the enormous amount of support which we provide to our representatives. We maintain one of the highest broker-dealer ratios of Advisors to operational staff with an average ratio of 6-to-1. Because we understand that it is impossible to be an expert in every area of your business, our goal is to provide answers to any of your questions, no matter how difficult, within 24 hours. Our Staff has been growing every quarter proportionately.

Freedom & Flexibility

At KSI you will have the freedom and flexibility to structure your own financial planning, investment, or insurance practice to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. You will not be pressured to sell specific products or to meet monthly management quotas. This means you will be able to set up your business any way you want it. With a Registered Principal license (S24), you will have the option of recruiting your own representatives to manage & Supervise. Essentially, you will have the freedom to tailor a business for yourself, and your firm, so when you decide to retire you may sell your book or pass it on to future generations.

Ease of Paperwork & Procedures

Because our management and operational team have prior sales experience, we understand the need to have paperwork refined and as simple as possible. As such, we have created documents which are straightforward and easy to complete. For example, our KSI Non-Brokerage New Account Form is 1 page in length with check-the-box style account options. We have also designed our operating procedures to be just as simple. Both forms and procedures can be obtained at any time by access and download through the Internet. The result is that you are able to save time and energy, freeing you up to do the things you do best. An Advisor can elect to use the Paperless environment or do it the Old Fashioned way.... We are proud of that approach and philosophy.

KSI In-Touch Technology

Through an integrated & cooperative approach to technology, we have positioned ourselves to provide our Representatives with the use of state-of-the-art technology so that they may run their business from any location they choose. Our Advisors & Representatives have instant access -24 hours a day, 7 days a week- to view and manage their client's account information. Additionally, KSI representative have the ability to print forms and procedures, as well as trade confirms and account blotters received electronically on a daily basis. Of course your client's will have real-time account access via the Internet as well as using their existing web-browser on their computer. The result is that we provide the most current technological resources available today on both the B/D & RIA platforms. Gives your website more credibility with a seamless log in from your public page to your client’s account.


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Kovack Securities, Inc., (KSI) is a powerful partner for entrepreneurial financial advisors seeking to create their own successful business. Since our inception, helping financial representatives & advisors establish competitive, independent practices has been the primary focus of the Firm. Our successful, independent financial advisors share our vision in providing the quality of financial advice we believe every client deserves and have helped KSI grow to become one of the country's largest independent broker/dealers.

Kovack Securities & Kovack Advisors are focused on providing our advisors with the tools, resources and training to help manage the complexities of running their own practices. In turn, our advisors are able to focus on the needs, goals and objectives of their clients rather than office logistics. Our open product architecture and innovative fee–based programs coupled with our multiple Clearing Firms (National Financial Services & Pershing) provides our advisors with the flexibility to develop investment strategies which are best suited for their clients.